Scene and Heard – CCXCVI : Pull Through Furyus ft. DJ Dee Kimble (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

R-11465210-1516809823-5020.jpegIf rock music is known for producing the big, bombastic anthems and hip-hop for being the cooler underground way of getting a musical message across, then it is surprising that more people don’t mix the core elements of both genres. That is what Furyus and DJ Dee Kimble do on Pull Through and the results are great. It combines the lyrical flow and eloquent rap of the urban experience and the muscle and drive of the rock sound.

The one thing that both types of music do share is their ability to stand on a soapbox and make themselves heard, to be a rallying point and Pull Through, as the name would suggest, is about getting through hard times. As such the song is built on positive vibes, optimism and hope, acts as a support to those who might feel that life is dealing them a rough hand, a call for strength and unity, a reminder that humans are resilient creatures and that better times are always around the corner.

Urban rock? Rap with guitar driven chops? Hip-Hope? Call it what you will, it may wilfully cross generic musical lines, but it is all the better for not sticking to the rules.

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