Scene and Heard – CCCVI :  Just Wanna Be –  KayBad (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

268x0wKayBad may be based in the colder climes of East London but his music certainly snaps and fizzes with the warmth of an African sun. It blends sultry Afro-Beat rhythms, groovesome R&B, some skittering percussion of the kind that is more often the hallmark of edgier trap rappers rather than the sassy pop tones found here and some slow dance floor moves.

But unlike a lot of Afro-Beat which is filled with wild, celebratory exuberance, here, and this may be the hip urban affect of his location, the vibe is one of cool sophistication, of late night, up town class rather than the unrestrained urges that are often the hallmark of the genre. But it is this mix of western restraint and African joyfulness that creates a wonderful blend, one that walks two worlds and any number of generic styles but a song which is ultimately accessible, wonderfully infectious, understated yet destined to be a big hit in all the right clubs from niche underground urban DJ’s to mainstream radio playlist and of course with the party set the world over.


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