Scene and Heard – CCCVIII : Dreams – The Kunig (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

2245f4_339ab752ae074ced9688fee4dc23b3fa~mv2The forthcoming album, Kunigunda, from which Dreams is taken, is a wonderful and searching collection of sounds and styles, of free-wheeling across generic demarcations and of dipping into any and all musical styles which takes their fancy. Now, exploration is great, actually it is more than just great, it’s essential, but of course the commercial market and the mainstream listener might not really be the place to have your more interesting creations tested. Dreams, though, is a track which represents The Kunig as a whole and will fit the tastes of the wider world too.

Okay, it only represents one aspect of what The Kunig do, but their drifting soulful ambience and strange psych-dance crossovers are probably going to be a hard sell out there, better to send out a slick and commercial, chilled and soulful dance floor groover as a calling card and hope that some people will use this as a stepping stone for the more exploratory tracks on the same album.

It’s a case of come for the obvious dance tune and stay for the more mercurial musical machinations. You can but try.


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