Scene and Heard – CCCXIX : Trial & Error (ft. Nathaniel) – Gibrilville (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

32214762_1834791889912310_3842437696173637632_nTrial & Error sits at a fascinating crossroads being a track that tips its hat to the past whilst shaping the future and it does really feel like a first, a bold step forward. It goes beyond its run of the mill, mass produced rivals instead revelling in a post-urban style that pushes beyond the rules and regulations. It effortlessly ignores the fickle finger of fashion and has no time for musical guardians and narrow-minded pedants telling it what hip-hop, pop, rap, trap, electronic music or any other genre should be about.

It’s a confessional, of sorts, making no apologies but understanding that we are all people just trying to make ends meet, just getting by, just trying to survive and doing whatever that requires. It plays with R&B grooves, rap flow, trippy electronica, modern hip-hop make-overs and trappy percussion. In this post-genre, post-tribal musical world, this feels like the perfect way forward for urban music.


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