Scene and Heard – CCCXXXV : Be Careful What You Listen To – The New Occupants (ft. Mr. MooQ) (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

BCWYLT_CD CoverImagine if Frank Zappa was still with us and carving out a career for himself in the underground fringes of the alt-pop, synth-pop, industrial dance, EDM scene. Imagine that instead of offering up a warped, jarring and majestic end point of the western blues derived musical experiment, he instead drove the whole rock band ethic headfirst into a digital technology, fuelled dance leviathan coming the other way. The New Occupants embody the sound that was echoing out as the survivors crawled from the wreckage. One part rock muscle, one part clubland chaos and more than a few parts eclecticism and eccentricity, shock and awe.

Featuring the mercurial Mr Mooq narrating the song, a tongue-in-cheek TED talk about the trials and tribulations of music consumption, again very Zappa-esque, the result is dance music on steroids, a rock song with underground grooves, a post-genre mash up. There isn’t much new under the musical sun but Be Careful What You Listen To is the sound of the familiar being swept away, or at least being twisted into fascinating new sonic architecture. Marvellous.



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