Beneath The Surface –  Invadable Harmony (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

a0235709863_16I’ve always been drawn to contemplative and ambient music such as that found on Invadable Harmony’s EP Beneath The Surface. I guess it comes from being surrounded with live music for a living that the music I chose to fill my personal space with, the music that gently colours my home once the door to the outside world is shut is very different from what people might expect. Beneath The Surface is exactly the sound I revel in as the sound track to my solitude.

The music found here is the most ambient, the most chilled, mixing classical piano sounds with gentle atmospherics, space with the most transient of structures, gossamer thin musical textures with softly chiming grace. Most of the tracks take the form of wistful and relaxing mood music but Reminiscence trips over into after hours, clubland chill out zone music with its meandering beats and Echoes has an otherworldliness that suggests that Vangelis could have slipped it into the original Blade Runner movie score or indeed Hans Zimmer into the current one.

Trying to be any more probing about the music itself would be like trying to describe why a flower is beautiful, a scent emotive or a sunset therapeutic. This isn’t music to be analysed, this is music to be absorbed. Sit and soak it up, its enough that you do that.

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