Leave Out All The Rest (A Tribute To Chester Bennington) – Major Moment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

loatrartIt is easy to look at the world and find a lot wrong with it, storm clouds seem to be gathering and compassion and unity are commodities the human race is running low on. But look close enough and you find little beacons of hope and one such candle shedding light out into the wilderness is Major Moment. Even before we talk about the song in question, the idea of a band made up of members from Russia, Brazil and The United States and therefore representing a broad range of not just nationalities but cultures, experiences and perspectives is a brilliant act of coming together and of breaking down borders in the name of creativity. The fact that they then turn that creativity to create a musical tribute to the recently lost Chester Bennington is to be applauded even more. 

For a band whose music is clearly influenced by bands such as Linkin Park, the sudden demise of Bennington must have hit hard and the reasons behind it remind us of the  hidden issues that even people we think we know well might be struggling with inside. It is poignant then that they chose to cover this song, one that so perfectly articulates the idea of memory and legacy in the words of the man himself. Not only a great song but faithfully re-imagined and the perfect way to highlight the fragility of life, the mental health struggles many of us have to deal with and a fighting tribute to an icon of the alt-rock fraternity.


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  1. […] Major Moment seem to understand that rock music can be both powerful and graceful, that it doesn’t have to be the testosterone driven blunt trauma cliche that less imaginative bands are happy to perpetuate. Instead, Before It’s Too Late mixes musical elegance with lyrical eloquence,  it creates its widescreen sound by layering up musical textures, by building beautiful sonic architecture rather than merely hitting the listener with a musical tsunami. The result is both soaring and euphoric and as florid and deft guitar work takes the song to its crescendo you realise that you have witnessed something inspiring. […]

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