Scene and Heard – CCCLXVI: Baby Just Love Me –  Mike Uvers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

36428925_2172902309391146_2933916404987985920_nProving that dance music isn’t all about synths and programmed beats, Baby Just Love Me is that rarest of things, an acoustic guitar driven song with some real muscle, a pop song that rocks out, a groovesome dance track made by ….wait for it…real people with real instruments! It is a song which combines all the hallmarks of a classic dance floor filler but does so using the instrumentation normally associated with pop and rock bands, how neat is that?

It’s a song oozing with positivity and, to be fair, Uvers whole musical demeanour seems to be geared toward using music to make the world a more optimistic, loving and even euphoric place. It may smack of the 60’s hippy ethic but, hey, why not, I think that is exactly what people need right now and Mike Ulvers escapist music, deft songwriting and positive energy might just be the shot in the arm that helps your day go so much better.

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