Hey Maria –  Gypsyfingers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

38806597_1818155028267659_8743591230312546304_nMaybe language gets in the way, maybe the process of sharing experiences looses something when you start to define it, describe it, nail it down. So maybe meeting a random stranger, finding that you don’t speak each others language but then spending time together on a road trip is the perfect way to explore the world. It’s what Gypsyfinger’s Victoria Coghlan did and this song is a tribute to her new found friend and fellow explorer.

It is a folk song with a pop make over, it tips its hat to 70’s stalwarts and 90’s pop alternatives (Sixpence None the Richer spring to mind here) and the commercial end of the current wave of folkies who are finding new ways and new genres to fuse their music with. It’s a deft and delicate piece, one built of chiming and clean sonic lines and euphoric energy and as tributes to friends go, it is nothing short of perfect.


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