Scene and Heard – CCCLXXII:  I Want You More – Mikkee (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

31956415_2042307462446735_6402535386261749760_nAlthough built around a fairly simple dynamic, that of a soaring and euphoric, plea driven vocal juxtaposed with glitchy industrial electronica, it is such an effective concept I’m surprised that it hasn’t been done so well before. I’m not saying that the whole quiet/loud, on/off, binary music thing is exactly new, but the extremes that Mikkee takes them too is what really makes this work so well.

Short blasts of imploring and windswept deliveries, spacious and transient, constantly switching places with sonic mayhem and strange mech-alien sounds, simple but very effective. The video imagery also backs up these extremes wonderfully, the poeticism of the green and grey hills fast cut with a series of ever more strange and beguiling visuals, ones which pluck from the natural world, the industrial world, the artistic world and the open skies themselves.

What does it all mean? Who is he singing to? Is this unrequited love? Is this loss, longing, remembrance or merely dreaming? Does it matter?

Answers would only take away the strange and hypnotic effect that the music, and indeed the visuals, have on the listener. Sometimes it is better not to know the answers, a little mystery in life is a good thing. Right?

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