Better Than You –  MusicBySire (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

attachment_180828110540MusicBySire understands the power of music. Last time we caught up with him he was raising awareness for the oppression of modern slavery with Black, here he has a more universal message. Better That You is an anthem of faith and of walking your own path, of holding on to your beliefs and ignoring those who would seek to distract you from that journey. Faith is obviously a very personal thing, but what I love about Better That You is that it is a celebration of the mysteries of the world but it never preaches, never tries to tell anyone else what to think or believe. Instead this is a pure outburst of love, a celebration of life as seen by one person, how can you not embrace the joy of such an act.

And even if the message isn’t for you, the music certainly will be. How can you not like it… African sunshine pop blended with reggae vibes, sweet and clean limbed grooves, infectious danceability and before you know it you hips are moving, the feet are shuffling, the hands are in the air and you are singing along. That is the power of music…maybe that is the power of faith too, either way it takes a tough skin or a closed ear to not be musically buoyed up by this song.

Okay, lets make sure that we have everything. Reggae grooves…check. Addictive pop melodies…check. Meaningful yet infectious lyrics…check. Joyous vibes, celebratory attitudes, singalong pop contagion….check, check, check! It even throws in a few modern studio vocal glitches and astute sonic production tricks. In fact it is hard to think of anything that this song has missed. A job well and truly done.

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