My Queen –  Diana Anaid (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

59d0682121d203951822c611a125af090bddc4d6_phixrA little bit of research shows that Diana Anaid (I see what you did there) has been around a while but the world is a big place and even the most connected of music journalists, or even people like myself, can’t have heard every artist out there so My Queen comes at me new and free of any preconceptions or media baggage.

Some people might say that My Queen’s detrimental aspect is that it sounds like a long lost 90’s pop-rock album. I say that its best feature is that it sounds like a long lost 90’s pop-rock album! It’s reminiscent of that era, of the likes of Morrissette, Phair and Hatfield, which sounds a bit like a law firm but isn’t, of that ability to take rock muscle and bolt it on to pop melody and then fill stadiums and sell millions of albums.

Tracks such as Braveheart show Anaid’s skill at blending alt-pop intrigue with strange dreamscape interludes, Can’t Apologies her skills at harnessing big rock and roll sonic extravagance, that middle eight coming straight out of the Mott The Hopple book of rock and the title track a slow burning ballad that builds into epic crescendos.

People don’t really make albums like this any more, except of course Diana Anaid. Maybe more people should.


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