Haunted Dreams –  Warm Chord Music (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Haunted Dreams Cover.jpgI have to confess that as this song kicked in I thought, here we go again, the same angsty, emo anthem, the same blend of existential imagery and the idea that nobody really understands the pain of having your mom constantly telling you to tidy your room or asking you to put the trash out. Evanescence have a lot to answer for! And then, at just over a minute in, something changed. The chorus kicks in, the song breaks wide open, crescendos soar into the sky and the whole thing makes you think…hmmm…actually this is pretty good.

The second play already has you anticipating this dynamic change, the third you are singing along, by the fourth the song feels like an old friend and after that it feels like a long lost 90’s alt-rock classic. Maybe some songs take longer to get your head around, but then they are the ones that are most rewarding. 

Okay, I might not be the target audience any more but anything that reminds me of moshing about in an alternative night club at two in the morning somewhere in the early nineties ticks enough boxes for me and I’m sure that it will find a whole young audience out there who are still setting about making their own nostalgic musical memories. I had Monster Magnet for company, you’ve got Warm Cloud Music. Have fun kids and enjoy your music irresponsibly!

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