Scene and Heard – CCCLXXXIII :  I Could Careless –  The Owl Eyes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

PrintThey say that Britain and America are two countries separated by a common language and I Could Care Less is one of those phrases which pretty much proves the point. Surely it’s “I couldn’t care less,” but then “I should be so lucky” and “tell me about it” also mean the opposite of what they appear to say, that’s the fun of language isn’t it?  Or is there a hidden meaning behind the use of Careless instead of Care Less? Is there something I am missing? Am I just being anti-semantic? Do I just need more coffee?

Anyway, language aside, what multi-instrumentalist Ethan Tell, under the name The Owl Eyes, has created here is a raw slice of old school rock, one with more than a hint of classic Sabbath and one that rallies at the current political power plays and entrenched rhetoric which is causing so much division in his country, well, to be honest the world in general.

It’s what rock needs to be doing these days, giving us grinding and grooving, raw and rocking music but having something to say too. Art should reflect the world it is made in, even low slung, slow burning rock and roll. Make that especially low slung, slow burning rock and roll.

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