I’ve Forgotten Something Else! – Phillip Foxley (ft. Pete Hopkins)

4162zeMp41L._SS500Phillip Foxley is very good at tackling universal issues in a very small way, the way of the world seen as smaller, kitchen sink philosophies rather than trying to make big, overtly-verbose or over egged points. It’s the British way I guess. It’s Up To Us! (he does like his exclamation marks) was a deft and well-crafted piece, working with understatement, political opinion and subtlety. This time out he heads the other way and delivers a song that sparks with New Wave twitchiness and post-punk verve with Pete Hopkins copping just the right amount of terrace attitude and street punk singalong style to show where the songs heart lies.

But that was then and this is now and although it is easy to see where the song has its musical roots, the play off here is how those young musical turks and world changing punks have faired in the years between then and now. They may still feel the same about the world, still have the same hopes and dreams for the future, feel that they are still part of the musical revolution. It’s just that they can’t find their keys, have lost the TV remote control again and are pretty sure that there was something important that they were supposed to be doing tonight.

It’s a great little tune, one that matches the musical energy of youth with the lyrical realities of the joys of ageing. Yes, they might have a vinyl record collection to die for but did they remember to put the bins out? Musically it is punchy and perfectly paced, captures the joys of being down the front of a gig in 1978 but from the armchair of 40 years later it all seems like a long time ago. Rock and roll is nothing without a sense of humour and I’ve Forgotten Something Else! Is perfectly self-deprecating, poignant and slightly silly. I should know, I’m the target audience.


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