The Myth  –  Chad Rico (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

the mythThere’s a certain late night feel that wanders through Chad Rico’s music. Whereas many people working in the broad urban music environment try hard to make an impact by getting up close and personal, bombastic raps, machine gun hip-hop beats, confrontational R&B and the like, The Myth makes its point through a sort of wonderfully lazy swagger, slow paced grooves and a sultriness that is often lost in the rush to be heard.

Less is more is a cliche of course but cliches are cliches because they offer some truth and Chad Rico understands that sometimes the power in the music comes from its spaces and subtleties, of the anticipation between the beats and the pause between the words. Night In Barcelona mixes trippy electronica with a gentle swagger and Options takes this minimalist approach to its logical conclusion being little more than lyric and beat and all the more powerful for it.

In a world where everyone is shouting to get the discerning music listeners attention, it is the artist stood quietly and confidently in the corner that is the most intriguing, the one that you are compelled to check out. Chad Rico is that artist. Not quite a Myth yet but certainly on his way to becoming a legend.

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