Threshold –  The Mutineers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

833061Pitching the vocal perfection of The Civil Wars onto often hard rocking back beats, The Mutineers, capture the heart of what Americana music is, in that they sound like the sweet and sour pulse of that country’s musical heart. A bold statement? Perhaps but between Hard Sell’s low-slung dirty rock drives, Couldn’t Get Over You’s nod to 50’s rock and roll and After Thoughts gothic country vibes they seem to have it covered.

Add to this a touch of Cave-esque apocalyptic blues on I’ve Got The Bottle and the gentle folk ballad of Hourglass to wrap things up and you really have the perfect journey through the honest under belly of American music. And like the music, the narratives they weave and the stories they tell come right out of the Beat writers book of grim reality, epic poems about the losers, the lost and the lonely.

Music might be great at offering distractions from the real world but it is also great at holding a mirror up to it, and this Threshold is a wonderfully cracked and dirt streaked mirror that reflects the realities of life in the dark and forgotten corners of the American dream. Honesty is the best policy, they say, and it is the grim truths and sad realities that thread their way through the songs that make this such a great record.

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