Tight!  –  Harmless Habit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

koagehlohjdfkjefRemember when Jet rocked up (literally) in the early part of this century and sounded like the hottest 60’s garage rock band that no one had ever heard of. Well, Harmless Habit has those same qualities. They may take their fashion tips from 80’s glam-metal and 90’s emo but when they crank out the tunes they have something their rock and roll brethren don’t. Serious groove! Whilst their fellow alt-rockers are checking their hair in the mirror and the classic rock fraternity are recycling Iron Maiden riffs and hoping that no one notices, Harmless Habit are laying down some serious chops.

Funky bass lines, four-four beats with the right amount of swing, tight riffs and fist in the air vocals…it’s all there. It is odd that by looking back to straight forward, old-school rock and roll they may have found the life-line that allows the genre to get over itself and move forward, but hey, why not? If it aint broke….

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