From Then Til’ Now 2011 – 2015 – Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

FROM THEN TIL NOW 2011-2015 - FABP.jpgThis is the third time I have reviewed a release from this artist in as many months, you can’t deny that he has to be one of the hardest working rappers out there. You would have thought that by now I would be getting quite familiar with his style, his approach, his attitude towards making music. Well, to be honest the more I hear the less sure of where he fits in to the grand scheme of things and this 4 year retrospective doesn’t help to clarify things much.

But that is the sort of artist I like, one who deals in curveballs, swerves expectation and gives you not what you want but what you never in realised that you wanted. This hefty musical tome embraces hip-hop, rap, reggae, urban electro, R&B and more but it is how they are joined together, (w)rapped around each other or somehow brutally collided that produces the goods. It’s raw, roughly woven, roots, underground and lo-fi. You will recognise the building blocks but the finished sonic architecture will make you think twice about what urban music can be in the modern age and more importantly where it might be going.

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