Criterion of the Senses – Ed Motta (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

61XCiTbggoL._SY300_QL70_There is a fine but very important line between being predictable and middle of the road and being smooth and cool. It’s the difference between playing old standards to uptown, supper club gigs and using phrases such as “don’t go changing” when thanking the audience and making music that weaves soulful grooves, jazz sophistication, gentle funk smarts and even touches of reggae, classical and homespun vibes together. Thankfully Ed Motta knows the difference, he knows where the line is, he knows which side he is on and he is so far removed from those music by numbers sets that he can’t  see that line or even clubs lights in the rear view mirror.

It’s the difference between compromise and accessibility, for whilst this latest album is certainly full of music which engages easily with the listener, the depths and textures it is built from are beguiling and inspiring. It never panders to expectations or merely gives the listener what they expect or feel they want, it would rather give you what you didn’t realise you wanted.

Whilst there is a touch of Al Jarreau or George Benson about the music, lyrically Motta out paces even those big names, I don’t remember either of them using the word Kafka-esque in a song and having it wash through so smoothly! Lyrically inspired by everything from sci-fi, abstract poetry, 80’s fashion…in a wonderfully humorous way and even Hamlet, these songs are stories in their own right, little vignettes and fleeting scenarios set to the coolest music.

The result is an album that will appeal to the jazz and soul purist and the fan of chilled pop alike, those who want a smooth sound track and particularly those who will revel in the elegance of the music and the eloquence of the lyrics. All things to all people…that isn’t a bad label to have.

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