Faith and Science  –  Moderate Rebels (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In a world where people seem to feel entitled to all of the answers, where ironically the demand for knowledge has left us with a society who are less informed but more confident in their ignorance, it is nice to know that there are people who still revel in the mysteries of life. I don’t need to know how electricity works to enjoy a cup of tea and I don’t need to subscribe to a religion to know right from wrong, why not just follow your own path and try not to piss too many people off. Which is pretty much what Buddha said, I think.

Similarly when it comes to making music Moderate Rebels aim for an easy life too. “Less chords and words; simple and complicated; direct and vague. We have our mottos.” They sound like a band after my own heart. Faith and Science is a wonderfully swirling yet direct and hypnotic slice of modern psychedelia, one built around a tribal stomp, relentless guitars, crashing pianos and mercurial vocal chants and in many ways it is perfect in its blunt mantric simplicity. It doesn’t pay to over think things.


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