Alive –  Victoria Celestine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something wonderfully tribal about Victoria Celestine’s latest single, not normally a “go to” sound for those in the pop field but it works brilliantly. Rather than opt for the usual dance infusions and clubland beats to drive the song, taking this primal sound not only makes it stand out but really drives the point home through the simplicity and power of such an approach. We know that Celestine is great at delivering succinct and standout pop, Good Heart To Hide amply demonstrated that, but this time out she proves that she is also happy to break the mould and try something new. And that of course is where the most memorable music is found.


For those of us with longer memories, the song echoes with the sonic ghosts of Dream Academy’s iconic Life In A Northern Town, mainly in its similarly tribal urges and demonstration that pop doesn’t have to follow the same tried and tested rules. But that is a long time ago now, a nice touch of nostalgia for us oldies and in the main Alive is a wonderfully different beast. This is tribal pop for the modern age, a slick and slender production that still appeals to the masses. It’s great when you stumble across a song that is so vibrant and appealing but is also much bolder and cleverer than it first appears to be. 

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