The Ghost of Rab McVie – The Filthy Tongues (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Fans of music being made North of the border in Scotland will probably be aware of the ripples that rock trio The Filthy Tongues are making, they’ve been getting radio play on BBC Scotland and BBC6 Music and are looking at bidding 2018 a fond farewell with the release of the video for their new single ‘The Ghost of Rab McVie’.

We’ve got dark, moody and broody backdrops that surround perfectly (this isn’t the type of music for a sunny afternoon in the park playing frisbee) the bands black clothes with singer Martin Metcalfe self-styled as a combination of wild west sheriff, gambler and undertaker tip-toeing the lyrics above the rhythmic groove of the track.

Instantly grabbing your attention, and instantly making your foot move, it’s a reminder that there is a vibrant rock scene in Scotland.

The track is taken from current album ‘Back to Hell’ which has been getting rave reviews since its release earlier in the year.




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