Superhuman – Curtis Newart (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Curtis Newart has a fascinating sound going on here. Dance-pop it may be but it covers a lot of ground on its way to that day-glo destination. Whilst being ultra-modern and totally up to date it also echos with the sound of early pioneers of the genre, and particularly classic cuts such as Oakey and Moroder’s Together in Electric Dreams. And if you are going to go down this route those are two names that anyone would be happy to have bandied around as a point of reference.

But this is no mere 80’s cash in for the Ready Player One nostalgia wave, it is smarter than that and between its retro vibes are some smooth and deft modern musical motifs, unexpected dynamic breaks and a beat that is both skittering and groovesome yet direct and unfussy. Superhuman comes from his latest album, Rock The Chandeliers, and as a statement about what you are likely to find there it is a perfect blend of tease and expectation building. Music is cyclical, we all know that, and the fact that Newart is able to navigate between the past, present and future to  create music that is both friendly and familiar yet doing fresh and fun things at the same time proves that he knows exactly how pop music works.

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