Just Wanna Dance –  Solo 7 (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are few purer or more universally relatable things to write music about than attempting to capture the emotive sugar rush and natural high of your first crush and put into words those unexplainable and new experiences of first time love. And that is exactly what Just Wanna Dance is all about, attempting to describe with words and music all of those innocent, new and exciting chemical reactions that do strange things to you and your mind when love, lust and longing take hold of you.

But as a song it is also cleverer than that too. Whereas it would be easy to head off down the cheesy pop route, to wallow in overtly slushy sentiment or get all stars-eyed, Solo 7 does a brilliant and balanced job of expressing the euphoria of the moment without ever resorting to cliche. The result is a gentle and indeed genteel slow grooving dance song, one that is somehow both infectious yet restrained, accessible yet perfectly understated.  Love makes people lose their head, its happened to us all, but the music that makes up Just Wanna Dance proves to be focused, level headed and effortlessly cool.


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