I Don’t Feel It – Fred Argir (reviewed by Dave Franklin)rock

It becomes obvious right  from the opening salvo of I Don’t Feel It that Fred Argir revels in the sound of the guitar. Some people are content to lay down a killer riff or weave through some deft melodics, maybe create hypnotic energy by throwing in a repetitive background phrase or heighten the song with some eloquent soloing. Fred Argir does all of that and more. It might sound like a bit of an overkill but somehow he manages to find enough space for each layer, each texture, each sonic line to breath as they all wrap around each other like four actors in a play each delivering their piece and then stepping out of the limelight to allow their fellows to do their job before returning to the literary affray.

So rock it very much is but rock that side-steps the pitfalls and cliches that are the baggage of lesser musical travellers along the same path and despite of, or perhaps because of, just how much he throws into the song there is a sense of drama and intensity rather than sounding like a rerun of past glories. They say less is more, there is a whole adage built around it…maybe that isn’t always the case. Exhibit A…Fred Argir.


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