Week, Love –  David Hugø (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The piano ballad has always been an effective musical format. Able to tug on heartstrings, ooze emotion, be relatable in the love, loss and longings that are the lyrical fare of such types of music. Week, Love is the sound of David Hugø updating that style for a modern audience and it is this blend of the traditions of the form and his ability to rebrand them for a younger, more contemporary audience that are the real selling point here.

There is a familiarity in the gentle chiming piano and the reflective vocals as he implores his lost love to give him another chance, to see if he can prove himself this time. Ingeniously though, just when you had the song nailed down that tried and tested sound gets a skittering back beat and heads down more lilting R&B pathways, the song itself seemingly marking an evolution from timeless, nostalgia-tinged ballad to sleek, modern urban chill-out. Some songs sound like the past, others look to the future, Week, Love sounds like the passing on of a musical baton.

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