Elixir of Lyfe – The Gillum Bros. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I, as much as any reviewer, tend to fall into the use of over-egged descriptions such as “timeless, genre-hopping and infectious” plus a host of other aggrandisement when trying to describe some music.  But sometimes, such overused parabolas are the perfect tools in the reviewers bag of tricks and The Gillum Bros. latest offering is one of those times.

Timeless, yes, but perhaps not in any seminal or classic way, more in that they seem unconcerned by current fad or fashion and instead pursue a vibrant, sun drenched, power-pop that could have been the product of any of the last four decades. Genre-hopping in that their blend of deft pop, island vibes, laid back disco groove and mix of utterly modern, yet retro-infused minimalism is a totally unique sonic cocktail. Infectious in that …well, just listen to the record.

Such descriptions are only as good as the justification that you can make for them and Elixir of Lyfe gives easy justification for such literary accolades. It’s always nice when the music lives up to the expectation that has been built up around it and The Gillum Bros. not only do that, they exceed it without even breaking into a sweat.


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