Come Again  –  Lou Raw (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Revelling in the past is all very well and good but the best music, or at least the most original, seems to be made as people move things forward. It’s all about evolution, it’s about forward-thinking, it is the way the world turns. Come Again is the sound of the world turning and music moving into pastures new. Lou Raw pulls together various urban strands, skittering trap beats, hip-hop rhythms, cool rap flows and strange and glitchy electro-groove musical motifs and even a few sultry R&B tones and smooth, late night smokey vibes. Hip-Hop purists and Rap nostalgists might argue on where this fits in to the generic jigsaw, but this is 2019, aren’t we beyond all that labelling and pigeon-holing? Isn’t it time to forget all about rules and traditions and just make the music that comes from you naturally, that best represents who you are as an artist, to actually say something about you and your life.

And it is this addictive combination of hypnotic vocal delivery and trippy accessibility which really moves the ball forward, breaks out of the comfort zones and offers a new take on an old sound. It is the perfect eulogy for the streets, the hustle, the hassle, the day-to-day and the game, it plays with well used images perhaps but it drips with dark reality. If ever rap music spoke of the lives and aspirations of the young urban experience, this is where it is said most eloquently in raps own, new first language.


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