Shine – Christa Deánā (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Shine is the perfect example of devotional music being able to be as modern and accessible as any other chart bound, mainstream offering. For whilst her music is intrinsically linked to her faith, Christa Deánā writes songs that sit easily within the modern pop-r&b canon. She also writes lyrics which swerve the trap, that many artists working similar territory fall into, of being too obvious and preachy in nature and in doing so the music is both infectious and communicative, religious and secular, intimate and anthemic at the same time. If you wish to use such a song to reinforce your understanding of the world as you see it, Shine is perfect, if you just want a good song to listen too or perhaps dance to, it ticks all the right boxes there too.

A gentle, mid-paced R&B groove kicks things off, one that sways rather than struts but is powerful none-the-less because of its confident and commanding vocal, and a song that slowly builds in power and poise as it heads towards its musical conclusions. There is more to be gained by having a conversation with like minded folk than there is trying to force your thoughts on them, and Shine is the perfect balance of musical conversation and sonic celebration and a song that has charisma and mass appeal by the ton.

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