From Babylon to Avalon – The Celtic Social Club (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

Celtic music has had a hand in fashioning everything from Blues and Country music to chants on football terraces to 1990’s stadium rock, it’s been responsible for influencing bands such as U2, The Cranberries, Big Country and Del Amitri all the way up to Mumford & Sons and it still manages to stir and evoke emotions very few musical genres can reach. I once heard it described as “folk music with alcohol”, able to tell the stories of a common man while being delivered with such abandon and energy that it’s near impossible not to sing along or dance.

With this style of music as the back bone you can expect an eleven-track journey into the varied sides of Celtic music and instruments from the thoughtful ‘I’m Free to the ceilidh-friendly raucous dance tempo of ‘It’s Morning John’ and the track that will have you Googling various historical figures, ‘Paupers Funeral’.

There is even time to blend into other genres with the reggae-styled ‘Remember Joe Strummer’ while final track ‘Buffalo’ brings to mind the dubstep treatment of The Clash songs by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill.

There is some fantastic musicianship on display here from a host of musicians that share a love and appreciation for Celtic music, it’s clear to hear the enjoyment and it’s easy to understand why this band is in such demand. Even if this genre isn’t to your taste, it’s broad enough to cater to most, give it a listen.


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