Midnight – Meghan & Caitlin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We know that the Foley sisters are able to pen a decent tune, Mean told us everything that we needed to know on that score, but writing a good tune is only half the story and it is also having something to say that makes for the whole package. And Midnight has something to say. Being inspired by the modern dating culture, Tinder and the ever growing casual attitude toward short and meaningless relationships might seem a bit shallow when there are bigger, world changing issues to be discussed but it does get to the heart of one aspect of the human condition. The search for deeper and more meaningful relationships against the desire for instant pleasure…the head verse the heart, love verses lust.

And just as before they take familiar sounds, a swaggering, slow dance beat, gentle piano, acoustic guitar and their gorgeous vocals that work together in that way that only siblings do and create something very much of the here and now, something youthful, relatable and relevant. Sounds like they have ticked all of the right boxes to me.



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