Muet – Muet (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

It’s impressive when a band can set the tone and mood so quickly, Chicago-based post punk band Muet do this within the first ten seconds of their debut self-titled album and it’s an atmosphere of a cool movie, of neon lights, wet alleyways, shared secrets in doorways, broken hearts and rejection but also one with a thumping, pounding soundtrack, of chugging bass, open rhythms and guitar riffs to underpin some impressive vocal work.

There is a noughties indie rock feel throughout, comparisons could be made to Muse in both bass tone choices and lyrics, but this is by nomeans a bad thing and Muet are certainly no Muse rip-off act. What this album shows is there is more to this band than just your standard four minute rock songs, tracks ‘How It Was’, ‘Opening Up’ and ‘They Can’t Find Me Here’ offer sparse musical terrains that act as pause before we get back on the rock horse and ride that thing until final song ‘Curve of The Earth’ allows yet another twist as to where you think the band will go.

There are moments of grandeur befitting a stadium rock act yet the songs still have the ability to feel grounded and accessible. Impressive debut.

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