Roses – Sophie Dorsten (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blurring the lines between folk, dream-pop and chart accessibility, Roses, the title track of her EP, is a charming and graceful calling card. It revels in space and atmosphere, restraint and understatement, the beat doing only enough to provide sonic hooks to hang minimalist music on, the guitars used sparingly, the bass line merely punctuation points. All of this leaves her vocals the focal point of the song and what a great voice it is too. Able to wander between emotive voice,-as-instrument deliveries, and heart-felt pleas, there is something simultaneously beautifully human and eerily otherworldly weaving together at the heart of it all.

Roses is proof that young, would-be pop artists, though even as I write the word it seem woefully inadequate to describe what’s going on here, don’t have to follow the conventions imposed by those around them, that you don’t have to fall for the industry pressures to deliver quickhits and throwaway crowd pleasers. This is music being made for the long game. And if she is making music this mature at 16…yes, you read that right….16, imagine what she might be doing three or four years from now. Definitely one to keep a very close eye on.

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