Recycle Bin –  Loud Library (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love music which draws its inspirations from across many disparate and unrelated sounds and scenes. At its core Recycle Bin is pop, sort of, alternative-pop I guess, if that is even a thing. But that only provides a series of hooks to hang the bands various elements on, shiny objects that they have found interesting enough to steal away to their musical nest. The beat bustles with an energy more normally associated with rock, the guitars spiral around in bluesy, psychedelic ways and breakdowns reveal deft bass lines, shimmering shards of guitar and subtle vocal interplays.

But these strange sonic juxtapositions which might confuse and confound the listener in lesser writer’s hands are what lift Recycle Bin from the pop pack and make it such an elevated and intriguing proposal. Very intriguing indeed. And around the edges is a soulfulness that rarely finds its way into mainstream music, a softening and soothing, that takes out the sharp edges and makes this eminently embraceable.  Mainstream? Yes, that’s what I said. Just because it sounds like little found in the modern pop charts doesn’t mean to say that it shouldn’t join them. In fact if more people fuelling the success of the modern mainstream throw-away pop cult phenomenon bought records…yes, I still call them records, get over it…by bands who sound this interesting, the industry would be in much better shape. So, you know what to do….

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