Worry – TopAge & J Bold (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We all need a bit of reassurance from time to time and that is exactly the message which lies at the heart of Worry, a new release from TopAge and J Bold. The world is a difficult place and we all occasionally fall but as a race we are resilient, we get up, we dust ourselves down and we carry on. There is no need to worry, everything will be alright, to quote these positive and inspiring lyrics.

Set to some unusual beats, tribal, lilting Afrobeat grooves and more resonant than those normally coming out of modern studios, and all the more interesting for it, even in its spacious way, there is something euphoric about the song, a celebration of overcoming adversity, a hymn to human resilience. Deep and harmonious vocals help push the song to its logical conclusion, subtle drops and rising crescendos shape the song creating an great dynamic and as it reaches its destination it feels like nothing less than the sun breaking through the clouds. When was the last time a song made you feel that reassured, that much like a winner? Not for a long time I bet!

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