Around The World – Gregory Suarez (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What a sweet song. Whichever way you look at it. Obviously the sentiment is what hits you first, a gorgeous and emotional intent, something that is in short supply in the modern world. We seem to be so wrapped up in a society where our technology is used to criticise, attack, bemoan, belittle and undermine each other, we have forgotten to write love songs, to glorify the finer things in life, to tell people how we actually feel about them, to exclaim our love from the rooftops. Well, thankfully Gregory Suarez hasn’t forgotten.

Around The World is sweet in other ways too. Sonically it is spacious and buoyant, chirpy and cheeky, musically speaking, it grooves and shuffles with a grin on its face…songs have faces right? And that saxophone winds through those spaces perfectly, the glue that holds everything together.

Gorgeous stuff, emotionally honest, warm, wistful and disarmingly cute. There really should more of this sort of thing in the world today.

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