Deep in the Water (Redeux) – The Gary Douglas Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you are lucky enough to have a platform for your music then not using it to make a point is a wasted opportunity. Some points can be fun and frivolous, others can be deadly serious. Deep in the Water is definitely the latter bracket. The song deals with the industrial waste that has been poisoning the Ohio River for years and its effect on the communities that make their living and home along its banks. Something which Douglas has much experience of via his day job as a trial lawyer defending those affected by the pollution.

But of course even a song with such a serious grounding as this has to be appealing to a wider audience and whilst it may be seen as a rallying cry or document of the devastation caused, it is also a great song, one built from a blend of powerful, anthemic deliveries and subtle musical textures. Some artists set out to be popular, others poignant. Gary Douglas and his musical cohorts have that rare appeal of being both.

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