So Loaded – Invinceable (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I grew up in a time when music was tribal. When you had to belong to a musical gang and adhere to the sonic rules and generic dictates. I now live in a post-genre world, a world where anything goes, where artists are free to hop musical divides in a single bound, where you can find and mix influences from the most unlikely places. I know which era I prefer. After all I can’t imagine stumbling across what can only be described as Mariachi based Hip-Hop back in the day. And “the day” was all the poorer for not encouraging such weird musical hybrids.

And here rapper Invinceable is reunited with DJ Battlecat ten years on from their first collaboration, Roman provides the vocals whilst the man himself is happy to host the party and tend the bar. It’s a drinking song for the modern age, a toast to good times and good friends. The vibe is south of the border meets cool urban west-coast, Banda and Mariachi  sounds weaving through Hip Hop beats and urban hooks, a spirited celebration of fiesta, tequila, rhyme and funky Mexican infused rhythm if ever there was one.

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