Lifeline – Antony Payne (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Redemption through music, it is a theme so old that it is almost a cliche. But it is something that lies at the core of Antony Payne’s musical career path. But after a rocky start and a relocation to South Florida, it is in music that he found his fresh start and, after playing in many bands, launched out on his own making the music which we find him reveling in today.

His latest release, Lifeline, sums up his sound, one which merges classic singer-songwriting with today’s pop sensibilities and it is this blend of an accessible, mainstream sound with something deeper and more discerning which will make him popular in many quarters. Indie-pop textures are driven by a slow and slinky soulful groove and the lyrical message is both personally derived and in a more general sense universally relatable too. Throw in a chorus that will have you hooked and singing along by the time it comes around for the second time and you have a song perfect for the current music market.

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