The Heliocentrics launch Burning Wooden Ship

London-based The Heliocentrics have long stirred a bewitching brew of funk, jazz, psych and library influences. Labelled by Pitchfork as “a live-band culmination of every obsessive hip-hop-era producer’s drive to fall deeper into a rabbit hole of the previously unheard”, the band’s far-reaching influence meant a natural knock-on in being cited by hip-hop royalty: namely, featuring on DJ Shadow’s ‘Skullfuckery’, from 2006’s ‘The Outsider’ LP, and being sampled by Nas and Kanye West on the track ‘Everything’, featured on 2018’s ‘Nasir’ album.

The Heliocentrics drop the refreshingly off kilter ‘Burning Wooden Ship,’ in anticipation of their 10th studio album, ‘Infinity of Now.’ Jump into this kaleidoscopic soundscape of rolling percussions and bewildering breakdowns, grounded by the tantalising vocals of Barbora Patkova.

The Heliocentrics will release their new long player on Madlib’s label, Madlib Invazion.

Album Digital release – 14th February 2020.

LP / CD – TBC.

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