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New Music of The Day – CLXXVI : Just How She Died – Tommy Hale and The Magnificent Bastards

Like most musical labels employed by journalists and music tribe devotees, Americana, roots…even alt-country seem to have lost any meaning rather quickly. Despite hailing from a part of the world where those labels are used in abundance, Tommy Hale is … Continue reading

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Spare Parts For Broken Hearts – Paul Menel and The Essentials (reviewed by Dave Franklin

The inclusion of the track Common Ground on this album makes for an interesting point of reference between past and present. Menel’s anthem for the doomed youth of The Somme is one of the high points of the first of … Continue reading

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The Semi-Hollow – Les Robot (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I know I’m always searching for music that is pushing new boundaries, testing the limits, fusing disparate threads into new forms and making truly creative inroads towards new sonic pastures. Occasionally you find it in the fleeting corners of more … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLXXV: The Fuzz and All That They Feed – Port Erin

Port Erin are known for hopping genres as easily as you or I might flick through TV channels – funk, psychedelia, jazz grooves, trippy progressive rock and out and out pop have all been easily mastered by this mercurial trio. … Continue reading

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Phil Cooper’s A Welcome in The Wild Tour of Canada

Our good friend and splendid acoustic pop chap, Phil Cooper, has just announced that this year his musical travels will see him wander even further than usual as he heads off to Canada. If you live within travelling distance of … Continue reading

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Lil’ Lost Lou – Lil’ Lost Lou (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a certain poignancy coming to this album as I do just hours after hearing that Chuck Berry had duck walked off this mortal coil. I wonder what he would make of the fact that here is a female … Continue reading

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Hang on a Second – Them Dead Beats (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It may be a very simple idea, but as is often the case with simple ideas, it’s a good one, namely take the groove and grit of blues and give it the scuzzy garage rock treatment. It worked for their … Continue reading

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Florescentia – Charlotte Cardinale (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Ever since a string of, essentially pop, artists from Amy Winehouse to Duffy to current hyperbolic sensation Adele re-appropriated and repackaged soul for a shallower, style over substance world, the genre seems to have traded in its essential elements for … Continue reading

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Any Joy – Adam Scott Glasspool (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Modern technology has presented a lot of new sonic possibilities, even for the grassroots, jobbing musician. A guitar is no longer just a guitar, a voice more than a voice and I recall seeing Adam Scott Glasspool demonstrating this concept … Continue reading

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Sweep Me Away – Ed Lofstedt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music can be used to do many things, evoke emotions, enhance or change moods, it can be deep and clever, throwaway and frivolous and sometimes it can even change your life. It can also be used to send a message, … Continue reading

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