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Acoustic –  Nelson King (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You can say what you like about Mr King but you can’t deny that he has a pretty solid work rate. It seems that barely a season goes by without at least one album popping into the review pile. Whilst … Continue reading

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Schism –  On The Wane (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the music which, often to the chagrin of the artists in question, became known as gothic was born out of the post-punk crucible, part the echoing of early punk urges, part embracing the electronic experiments that futurists and Blitz … Continue reading

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Field Theory –  Broads (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Somewhere around the halfway point of the effervescent Climbs, the first calling card from this new album, I realised that I wished I still took drugs! There is something about their wonderful musical chemistry experiments, their mixing of hypnotic background … Continue reading

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Stone Tape – The Telescopes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The word drone has some very negative connotations, a word associated with dull, monotonous or consistently boring sound by most people. But The Telescopes are nothing if not arch-dream weavers of the sounds that others are afraid to explore, the delvers … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Be Happy When Your Head Is Full Of Sin –  Equinox (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In many ways this album is a reviewers dream. Normally the job revolves around a battle of time and energy, wit and wordplay to tease the original properties out of the music before you which, by and large, has left … Continue reading

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I Swear I’m Going To Learn This Time –  Chris Murphy (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Chris Murphy’s musical mastery seems to spread itself across any number of genres, styles, eras, instruments and tastes, a troubadour in the truest sense, a storyteller, a communicator and an entertainer. Here we find him in the realm of rootsy … Continue reading

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Love’s For Living – Amilia K Spicer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I guess it had to happen sooner or later, the first Christmas song of the season just came to the top of the review pile. Such songs are always a difficult thing to pitch just right, there have been a … Continue reading

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Trump : The Bad Boy – One Man Rock Band (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I guess it is only fair that after a couple of reviews of songs and videos who have been, let’s say,  less than supportive of the controversial US Commander-in-Chief, I should include one from an artist who is totally in … Continue reading

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Thanks to The Moth and Areanna Rose –  The Veldt (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I continue to be amazed by The Veldt’s ability to similtaniously shimmer yet saunter, chime but groove. How do you even do that? On the one hand they play with sounds which seem built of almost intangible, ethereal qualities, the … Continue reading

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After The Storm –  Ava (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If dream-pop seems a nostalgic and cultish notion which has long ago had its day in the post-punk sun and pop proper is a form too concerned with playing to the gallery and making music with the widest appeal, the … Continue reading

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