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Lust – Elea Calvet (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In a world of high gloss and cynicism, fashion driven style over substance, it is refreshing to come across a songwriter who exudes real passion through her music. And if you think that truly emotive and heartfelt music can’t also … Continue reading

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A Sound Inve$tment – Tony Marino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Twenty years and nine albums down the line from his debut release, The Latin Jazz Project, and Tony Marino is still expertly exploring the boundaries and back roads of that genre. This new album takes instrumental excursions through myriad sub-genres, … Continue reading

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Falling Star – Ray William Roldan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Terms such as alt-country, Americana, roots and the like sometimes get a bit lost on us music consumers on this side of The Atlantic. I guess these terms refer to something that carries the distilled essence of the country’s musical … Continue reading

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Heaven Only Knows – Rev. Peter Unger (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One advantage of the medium of music, specifically the lyrical connection a song might have with the listener, is that you are free to interpret the words and apply the message found within in anyway that works for you. And … Continue reading

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Besta Venya – Nick Parker (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Travel has always been a theme at the heart of Nick’s songs and with this new collection it is one he is more than happy to return to. From passing references that frame the location of his stories to the … Continue reading

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There She Is – Be Like Pablo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  From this video it is pretty obvious that they have played the off Weezer album from time to time but that’s alright as the LA four piece were themselves a conduit for earlier influences – pop punk, indie, power … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLXV: Cake and Butter – Zahed Sultan

Zahed Sultan is a multimedia artist from Kuwait and here his platform is a slow, brooding alt-rock musical vehicle through which to channel his observations and thoughts. As this slow, heady and hypnotic meanders through the consciousness of the listener … Continue reading

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Contain – Ian William Craig (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some music is about energy; some about a more chilled delivery but Contain takes the latter into whole new and deeper territory. ((break)) But it is more than just relaxed in its approach, more than restrained in its delivery; it … Continue reading

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Scope Explosion – One Sentence. Supervisor (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This gang of Swiss cosmic adventurers fit so much into just this one song, it is difficult to know where to begin. I guess the rhythm is as good a place as any and the lilting and luscious eastern vibes … Continue reading

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Rooftops – Laura James (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This “lament to Liverpool” covers a lot of ground over its four or so minutes. It starts by dwelling in minimalism and atmospherics as Laura’s emotive and crystal voice yearns for the city she left for London’s bright lights. A … Continue reading

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