Head in the Clouds – Reverse Mechanic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even an old rock cynic such as myself occasionally has to admit that pop has its place. Sometimes we don’t want to think too much, don’t need to look for hidden meanings, can do with out the elitism and the analysis, can manage without the need to score cool points against other like minded souls.... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Tiny Fighter

With a new album Going Home about to be released, I sat down with Therese Karlsson and Tim Spelman to find out about the bands unusual beginning, its fascinating development, influences, hidden depths and where they are heading next. Tiny Fighter has grown out of a studio project to become a full touring band, tell... Continue Reading →

A Short Conversation with Mayflower Madame

With “Prepared For A Nightmare” about to drop, the time felt right to sit down with Mayflower Madame and discuss the album, what influences their sound, generic labels, touring on both sides of the Atlantic and everything in between. Post-punk seems like an archaic term but do you think it is applicable to the music... Continue Reading →

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