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Turn It Up – JV and Teej (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you think that hip-hop missed its chance to go wholly over ground as a musical style and that rap music seemed to jump the queue and became the radio friendly, unit shifting, happy to compromise, edgy dance music of … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLXXXVI: Say Can You – Divisionists

Sometimes songs can be a peek into a bands record collection, which for a music snob and general nosey parker such as myself is never a bad thing. Whilst Divisionists are a current London outfit, their music skims sonic stones … Continue reading

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Swirl – Dead Vibrations (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some time ago, out on a dark, lonely highway, an illicit meeting between the then members of My Bloody Valentine and Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster met to discuss the matter of who would inherit the throne. They came up with … Continue reading

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It’s a Rotten Game – Shaun Barry (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Musical releases might be seen as just a station along a sonic train ride towards an ever more vague final destination; a place of access, an embarkation point on this journey into musical possibilities. Anyone aware of Shaun Barry’s journey … Continue reading

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432-1 Open The Vein – Nasher (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

For a man who came up through the frenetic punk years and then went on to play guitar for the hedonistic and provocative Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the Brian Nash of today seems somewhat more chilled, reflective, wistful even. But … Continue reading

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Gold Rush – Hannah Aldridge (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It isn’t just the various sounds that make up the songs; hints of country, heartland rock, southern gothic and more that create a geographical fix for Hannah Aldridge’s sophomore album. There is something else that inhabits the spaces between the … Continue reading

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Sacred Earth – Sharon Shannon (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

None other than Louis Armstrong keenly observed that “All music is folk music, I ain’t never heard no horse sing a song,” and in his colloquially rich and triple negative way, he was right. If folk music is music by … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Failure – Daudi Matsiko (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some music is made to be experienced on mass, a joint and joyous celebration to be shared with those around you. Other music is more of a one-on-one experience and Daudi Matsiko definitely falls into the latter bracket. More than … Continue reading

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IOUOME – Duncan Lloyd (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Duncan Lloyd is nothing if not productive. As well as being the driving force behind Maximo Park and busy with peripheral projects such as Decade in Exile and Nano Kino, he has still found time to release his second solo … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CLXXXV: Bright Yellow Shoes – Samantha Leon

Right from the opening sound of the sonorous cello and the Nora Jones vibe, I knew that I was going to love this record. Pop with a lot of heart and an endless amount of soul, wonderfully unhurried and wrapped … Continue reading

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Gravity – Julia McDonald (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There was a time, not to long ago that you had to make a choice between being a pop artist or a serious musician. One was the stuff of slick commerciality, high production values and easy accessibility, the other depth, … Continue reading

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Ghostdream – Nick Nicely (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Most people build songs based on solidity – riffs, defined chord progressions, choruses, verses – you know all the stuff that has been tried and tested over many years by thousands of artists through millions of songs. But doesn’t that … Continue reading

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The Mothers Earth Experiment – The Mothers Earth Experiment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of exploring the music too closely, right from the off the two things that scream out at me as I dip my toe in its sonic waters are the sheer eclecticism and the … Continue reading

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Kermesse Machine – Manu Louis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes you have to just realise that you are beaten, admit defeat and move on to the next job. No, I’m made of more determined stuff than that, so let’s have another go at describing Manu Louis’ strange and mercurial … Continue reading

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