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New Music of the Day – CCIV : Hojas Amarillas – Stephania Sanquiz ft. Noemi Smorra

If the original version of Golden Leaves was a perfect blend of driven pop, infectious hooks and vocal eloquence, Stephania Sanquiz’s revisit takes the energy levels even higher and pushes a harder edge. Whilst staying faithful to the original and … Continue reading

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The Last Lighthouse – Campfire’s Edge (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

They say that you can tell a lot about a person by the company that they keep. Similarly you can tell a lot about a musician by looking at who has accompanied them on their musical journey thus far. Making … Continue reading

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Life on Mars – The Black Astronaut (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, that’s a new one on me. Hip-hop has always had something to say, at its most basic it is boastful and self-aggrandising, at it’s most clever it is observational and socially aware, but listening to Land of The Lost … Continue reading

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Coming Up For Air – Phil Wilson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Because we live in a world where everything needs to have an appropriate label and people have gone to war over the wrong sub-genre being attributed to a particular artist or album, I feel the need to make an important … Continue reading

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The Night and I Are Still So Young – The Heavy Blinkers

Just when you think the art of sumptuous, widescreen harmonies have been consigned to the past, along come The Heavy Blinkers to put it back on the musical menu. Well, let me qualify that, this is a reissue, but even … Continue reading

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The Walrus, The Ninja and The Gypsy From Sydney – Black Astronaut (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Stepping into the world of Black Astronaut is like entering a world that you recognise but nothing seems to be in the same place that you left it. Take opening salvo Staring At The Ceiling, yes, the blends of hip-hop … Continue reading

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Western Audio: world class recording on a realistic budget.

Western Audio is a brand new commercial recording studio based in Swindon, Wiltshire, owned and operated by Samuel Bates. Samuel is a recording engineer whose credits include work for Sony, RCA, Universal, the BBC and many independent labels and artists … Continue reading

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She is Lost – The Foreign Resort (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I love music that acts as your own personal time machine; able to take you back to a time and a place, and evoke the sounds and styles of that particular point on your personal timeline. She is Lost does … Continue reading

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Give Me Faith – Jesse Morgan ft. Israel Houghton (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Jesse Morgan is nothing if not versatile. With his previous single, Here We Stand, the drive behind his expansive and soulful voice comes from a more rock environment with guitars providing chiming motifs or explosive energy. Give Me Faith, however, … Continue reading

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The Collection – Nelson King (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There was a point a few songs in to The Collection, possibly somewhere around Always You that I recognised the same battered style and ragged glory of one of my favourite musical cult heroes, Nikki Sudden. In my book, it … Continue reading

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