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Scene and Heard –  CCLXI : It’s Not My Fault –  Welwyn Garden City (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I’m always a sucker for music which slightly confuses me, music which isn’t easy to just drop in one generic box, music which makes me want to listen deeper to get an understanding of what’s actually going on under the … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard –  CCLX : Strapaholics –  Amb1shn (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Strapaholics arrives at a very poignant time for America, a time when discussion around gun laws is more heated and divided than ever, but then music has always been good at starting conversations. Sadly conversations at this level rarely get … Continue reading

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Say Yes –  Claudia Norris (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I guess we have Meghan Trainor to thank/blame for the idea that doo-wop ukelele has a place in modern pop music. But whereas Trainor has always made a pretty unconvincing figure as a pop star, Claudia Norris seems to posses … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCLIX : Knowledge –  Dynamos (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Last time out, Dynamos proved themselves to be a fantastic fusion of old school, low-slung rock and roll groove and clean limbed, tight pop delivery, and latest single, Knowledge, does nothing but reinforces the fact. We live in a nostalgic … Continue reading

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A Friend in Old Sol – L.HUNT (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Having already won me over with previous release Shadows In The Mind’s Eye and proven that there is room for a modern take on the much maligned concept album without it having to carry all of the musical baggage of … Continue reading

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Give Up –  Bilk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Bloke rock! That’s the term I reckon. From The Who to The Jam and from The Sweeney to The Streets, young, working class lads with an eye to fashion, coolness and musical history have picked up instruments and told us … Continue reading

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Paper Cranes –  Cherry Coloured (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The wonderful Cherry Coloured is back with a song which blends the usual dreamy, ambient soundscaping with something slightly more driven, slightly more tangible. Without abandoning the washed ambience and tentative tones, Paper Cranes is instead built on a throbbing, … Continue reading

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Memories –  Echoglass  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Drowning saw Echoglass playing with subtle balladry, Blackburn Boulevard took a more indie-pop route and Last To Know wandered some wonderfully Americana musical pathways, Memories seems to tie all those ends together. It has depth yet sass, it tugs … Continue reading

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Last To Know –  Echoglass  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

And just when you have Echoglass pegged in the broad indie-pop spectrum, when you think you have worked out their musical approach they go and throw a curve-ball. Not satisfied with just ploughing the same musical furrow, Last To Know … Continue reading

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Eyes  – Echoglass (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the things I love about Echoglass is their ability to hop-across genres, mix and match styles and musical stances and still sound like themselves, a blend of sonic cohesion and musical exploration. Eyes sees them plying their trademark … Continue reading

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