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Scene and Heard – CCCXXVI : This Burning  –  Cream VIII (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

No matter what anyone tells you about current musical fashions, what the zeitgeist might happen to be blowing in from cooler taste making circles, what the papers say is the next big thing or any of that sort of rhetoric, … Continue reading

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The Third Sound release Photographs video

The Third Sound is the project of Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson who used to play in cult Reykjavik rock’n’roll bandits Singapore Sling and currently plays in Brian Jonestown Massacre. Now residing in Berlin with a fleshed-out live line-up, The Third … Continue reading

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Magick Thing –  The Fell Swoop (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You could argue that The Fell Swoop’s sound is one that comes from a nostalgic place, from the golden age of soul, from a jazz and funk past and a disco dance floor of yesteryear. You could also argue, so … Continue reading

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Put Me In –  Rachel Troublefield (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst it is a bit of journalistic opt out to throw in big name comparisons right at the start of a review, there is a lot going on here that reminds me of Taylor Swift a few years ago. Like … Continue reading

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Static Bloom – Hot Knives (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the scope and style of music were expressed as a Venn Diagram, then at a point where funk, punk and psychedelia meet, you might not find many bands filling that intersection but it is definitely where The Hot Knives … Continue reading

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Paper Boats  –  The Black Watch (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the opening, titular track washes past, there is something in the soft edged vocals and the rich guitar textures that roughly fixes The Black Watch’s sonic pathway. It’s the same one walked by any number of jangling eighties musical … Continue reading

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Stitched Shoes and an Irish Wristwatch – Buswell (reviewed by T Bebedor)

Music can mean different things to different people, we all remember the song that was popular or was playing when we had our first kiss or our first dance at a disco, and music, be it good or bad, becomes … Continue reading

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New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack release back catalogue

Now almost seven years following the band’s demise, New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack’s legacy lives on with the digital release of their entire back catalogue. The cult-following British psych-edged indie/garage rock outfit have firstly issued their ‘Greatest Hits’ – a collection of … Continue reading

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Millennial Sound – Jackson Whalan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What a breath of fresh air. In a world that sees new music scribblers and celebrators of emerging artists bombarded with cliched, mumble rap set to that same trap beat and taking that same self-aggrandising lyrical tough man act in … Continue reading

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Tancred releases Something Else ahead of new album

Tancred (aka Jess Abbott), will release her latest album Nightstand on June 1st via Polyvinyl Record Co. But fans eager for another glimpse into the record before then can listen to the new single “Something Else”, out today on all … Continue reading

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