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Spiral Girl –  Klammer (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You have to admire a band’s dedication to its audience when they break into your house at night, rummage through your record collection, leaving as dawn breaks with the place as tidy as they found it and then use that … Continue reading

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YUM 1 & 2  –  S T F U (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I tend to use the word soundscape a lot in reviews because when put together right, when suitably structured, when layered with intricate textures, when music moves beyond the familiar, it has the ability to build new worlds. They may … Continue reading

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Along The Road – Dirk Schwenk and the Truth  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Along The Road follows in some classic musical footsteps. The blend of smooth country tones, deft and dexterous blues licks and just the gentlest of rock muscle to push everything along and bands like The Eagles and CSN spring to … Continue reading

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The Mezcaltones Second –  The Mezcaltones (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anyone who opens their album with a Spaghetti Western theme medley is not only laying out a pretty clear statement of intent (if the band name and album cover hadn’t already done that) but is playing right into my musical … Continue reading

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Mentioned in Despatches –  8th July 2018

I am now getting so many submissions, links and physicals, press releases and album launch notifications that covering more than just a fraction has become an impossible task. I feel guilty watching so many great records go unmentioned so I … Continue reading

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Micronations –  Andrew Howie (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Micronations sounds like the result of a computer achieving a sentient state and then as a result leaving the IT world to become a folk musician. Its a wonderful clash of worlds, of the organic folk sound and the hushed … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCCLIV : I Am From Earth – Motazedi (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you ever doubted that music could be a unifying force then you need to see what Motazedi has been up to of late. For not only is I Am From Earth a wonderful life-affirming, cross-cultural slice of glorious and … Continue reading

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RXPTRS new single and tour dates

Bristol-based RXPTRS are a brand new quintet that combines a mix of ferocious grit with an ear for melody. The group, who formed in early 2018, blend elements of hardcore punk, grunge and hard rock to make a noise crammed … Continue reading

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What You Wanted – Temporary Hero (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Those of a certain age, myself included, remember a time when the first wave of bands emerged wielding the newly accessible synthesiser rather than the more expected guitar and the death of music was heralded in certain quarters. But what … Continue reading

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Eat Defeat release Nothing’s Wrong

Today sees Leeds punks, Eat Defeat share the second single ‘Nothing’s Wrong’, taken from the bands new album, ‘I Think We’ll Be OK’, set for an August 3rd release through Bearded Punk Records. Speaking on the single, vocalist Andrew Summers said … Continue reading

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