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Scene and Heard – CCCXC : Light Sketch –  The Interplanetary Acoustic Team (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If this were a competition I would already be awarding additional points for the band having such a cool and interesting name. But this is a music review and as such things can’t be so easily measured but I can … Continue reading

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Sound The Alarm –  Ignacio Peña (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The Same Replies was my first venture into the musical world of Ignacio Peña, a song which opened his latest album, Songs For The Fall of an Empire, via swathes of neo-classical vocals and ancient grandeur before getting down to … Continue reading

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The Belligerent North Star  –  White Robot (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

After such a long time of writing music reviews you sort of get an inkling, a first impression before even listening to the music of an album as it falls out of the review pile and under the pen whether … Continue reading

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Sway –  Sarah Sharp (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are many reasons for making records that are purely covers. They range from thoughts of paying homage to the iconic songs that have featured heavily in your life to more cynical ideas of a mere cash-in. Sarah Sharp is … Continue reading

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Surface Tension (A Tincture For Integrating Shadow) –  Matthew De Ver (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A strange title for a strange album. And I mean that in the nicest possible of ways. Strange is good, strange is interesting, strange is the opposite of safe, strange is unpredictable. Strange is often great and there are certainly … Continue reading

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Unknown Sin (Stormy Daniels) The Owl-Eyes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I Could Careless was a great low-slung rocker of a song but for me this is the more interesting of The Owl-Eyes output to have crossed my path. This time out the riffs are slinkier, the groove more sultry, swaggering … Continue reading

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Tower –  The Goodbad (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Dance music, like most genres, is a redundant label. The common factors that you use to identify music that belongs within such a grouping… beat, groove, infectiousness, accessibility… are the same factors that you would use to describe most music … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCCLXXXIX – You’re the Ocean Waves, You’re the Sea – Arthur Rivers (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even before you get to the music, I’m already in Arthur Rivers corner. Why? Because people don’t write titles like that any more. Unnecessarily long, deeply poetic, wonderfully elemental. In an era of the short and concise, the bland and … Continue reading

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Di Frosh – Socalled (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

All manner of musical genres and bi-genres end up in the pile of cd’s I get to look through and review, anything from folk or acoustic singer/songwriter to various offerings from rock, indie and punk but occasionally something turns up … Continue reading

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Little Boat – Ajay Mathur (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are a few odd and almost indefinable generic terms in music, handles used mainly by lazy journalists, like myself, to easily box music, the draw lines of demarcation in an effort to say it is one thing or another. … Continue reading

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