Smiling – Brei Carter (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

All too often you hear a song and it sounds like the vocals and the tune are two different components, the former just thrown on top of the latter with little in common save for a common melody. It is great, therefore, to come across a song where the vocal delivery sits right in amongst... Continue Reading →

Where Do The Children Play – Sovereign Sounds

The world turning around us is becoming an ever more opinionated, polarized and divided place. Amidst the cacophony of 24/7 news coverage designed more to entertain than to inform, political correctness has taken center stage. In this maelstrom stirred up by unscrupulous politicians more concerned with maintaining the status quo than the welfare of their... Continue Reading →

Smile – Ed James (reviewed by T. Bebedor)

There is a thought in music that the freshest, boldest sounds come from the younger musicians, from those coming through with something new and dramatic that will test and blur the borders of music. Unfortunately the audience is rarely able to keep up with these new directions so inevitably there is an audience preferring to... Continue Reading →

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