We Are Not Really Here – Inkräktare (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are many ways of writing music, from the rigid and formulaic to the abstract and fluid. It is at the latter end of the spectrum that you find Inkräktare, an occasional collaboration between Dean Garcia and Mark Wallbridge. It takes a brave man to jot down sonic ideas and musical creations in their most unstructured... Continue Reading →

Ryan Dugre announces 2nd album, The Humors

The instrumental pieces on The Humors, the second full-length album from NYC-based freelance guitarist Ryan Dugré, are meant to create mood and space. Drawing influence from film music, sparse scores such as Neil Young's music for Dead Man, as well as the more melancholic pieces found on Marc Ribot's Silent Movies, Ryan's music is graceful and meditative. Dugré composed the majority of the record in... Continue Reading →

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices ft. Lisa Gerrard – Pora Sotunda (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As one half of Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard explored wonderful sonic territory and created music which wandered between re-imagined world sounds and  soundtrack style arrangements, she painted with cinematic and widescreen musical colours, and balanced the ethereal and the neo-classical. She has since been associated with numerous big budget soundtracks but is equally likely... Continue Reading →

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