Straight to the Top –  Rio Trio (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Someone once asked me what the difference was between playing standards and playing covers. I replied that if you were taking familiar themes and reinterpreting them, breathing in new life, opting for new approaches and updated attitudes then you’re playing standards. If you were sucking all the soul and swagger out of a half-baked rendition... Continue Reading →

Ghost – Richard Wileman (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the central hub around which the musically intricate world of Karda Estra revolves, Richard Wileman has been responsible for a wide range of wonderfully textured, unpredictable and eclectic music. He has wandered from intense noir-ish soundtracks to sweeping celestial grandeur and embarked on everything from progressive Avant Gardening trips to jazz infused meanderings. But... Continue Reading →

Afloat – The NJE (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Even on paper, The NJE, standing for Near Jazz Experience, is a fascinating concept. Horn led, jazz infused, pop/rock instrumentals, largely unrehearsed and improvised but built on some solid yet supple underlying grooves. But jazz for the purist this isn’t, unless that particular purist also has a hankering for strange proto-Krautrock meets Motown grooves, skittering... Continue Reading →

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