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Hidden Landscapes – Wim Dijkgraaf (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I have to confess that harmonica led jazz is not my normal area of expertise, but that’s fine, it just means that I get to drop my bag of well-worn indie clichés and pop puns and approach the music like … Continue reading

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The Mothers Earth Experiment – The Mothers Earth Experiment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty of exploring the music too closely, right from the off the two things that scream out at me as I dip my toe in its sonic waters are the sheer eclecticism and the … Continue reading

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Authentic – The Nick Tann Trio (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you have mainly encountered Nick, as I have, in the guise of solo, acoustic guitar slinging, jazz tinged, folk-pop performer then what you will find in his move from lonesome troubadour to minimalist band leader is the ability to … Continue reading

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Staub – Le Thanh Ho (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If opening track Geisterschiff suggests a return to the dark elegance and noir-ish film vibe of Elephant, as soon as Papiermond kicks in you realise that this isn’t going to be just a new journey through previous sonic pastures. Yes, … Continue reading

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Infernal Spheres – Karda Estra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Richard Wileman has used the Karda Estra musical mode of transport to explore some very interesting places over the years. From progressive landscapes, taut horrific scores, dark noir-ish themes and even the death of galaxies, and the music always matches … Continue reading

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A Sound Inve$tment – Tony Marino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Twenty years and nine albums down the line from his debut release, The Latin Jazz Project, and Tony Marino is still expertly exploring the boundaries and back roads of that genre. This new album takes instrumental excursions through myriad sub-genres, … Continue reading

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Say It – Tom Greer feat. Sarah Wade (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  Here’s the scene. I’m sat at a desk with a tower of CD’s precariously stacked either side of me, both probably contravening any number of health and safety laws and falling largely into two categories. Those on the left … Continue reading

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