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Origins –  Function Space (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a point where the past meets the future, an ever moving location on that cyclical musical loop that sees past glories become future potential, where the sounds of the past are recycled into new and exciting sounds for … Continue reading

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Of Codes Off Course – Piotr Sobolczyk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If the worlds of EDM, dance and electro-pop have always been seen as a place where style over substance is the norm, where the shallow and shiny out ranks the deep and meaningful, where the quick fix is preferable to … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCCLXII: Dreaming in Color –  Mr Mooq (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In the few short encounters I have had with the fabulously named Mr Mooq, he has never ceased to surprise me. Whether he is updating post-punk pop for the modern age with Double Happiness or contributing to the post-industrial dance/TED … Continue reading

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Indigo Face share new single – The Seed

Since forming in 2015, London 4-piece band Indigo Face have made their mark on the live music circuit with their unique sound, drawing influence from the likes of pop, funk, EDM and synth pop. On 13th July, the group are … Continue reading

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What You Wanted – Temporary Hero (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Those of a certain age, myself included, remember a time when the first wave of bands emerged wielding the newly accessible synthesiser rather than the more expected guitar and the death of music was heralded in certain quarters. But what … Continue reading

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Half A Century  – Butsenzeller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Imagine if jazz had evolved from the New Romantic synth experimentation of the late 70’s or that punk had been instigated after the invention of the affordable synthesiser or even that computers had been programmed to write acoustic pop songs. … Continue reading

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Unbridled and Ablaze – Zialand (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst many bands chose references and soundbites which say more about what they think they sound like rather than what they actually do, Zialand’s third and latest album arrives with the perfect tag line. Cinematic Soul Pop. And that is … Continue reading

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Soulmates – Lauren Waller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Clever pop music! That isn’t a phrase that you come across very often. In this world of throw-away music, it is the most commercial, by its very nature, which has the shortest shelf life, a product to be purchased, used … Continue reading

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