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Mission –  Gonetcha (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Starting an album review of a band which, up until this point, you knew nothing about, is an interesting thing to undertake. You go into it without any preconceptions, any detailed back story and knowing that anything could greet you … Continue reading

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Mary and The Ram –  The Cross (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

No matter what anyone tells you about current musical fashions, what the zeitgeist might happen to be blowing in from cooler taste making circles, what the papers say is the next big thing or any of that sort of rhetoric, … Continue reading

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Heart Thumping Like –  Porcelain People (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop music gets a rough deal these days, mainly because there seem to be too many rules to follow regarding what pop is allowed to be and should be about. This means it either falls into the commercial, production line … Continue reading

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Physical Business – Stonerpop (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s very easy to listen to electro-pop and try to draw a thread back to earlier post-punk pioneers. But choosing to wield synths as your musical weapons of choice doesn’t make you Depeche Mode, in the same way that painting … Continue reading

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Rad Science  – Eleventyseven (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said that there were no second acts in American lives. He also said a bit about trombone players and jazz music. He also predicted that pop-punk has had its day. Maybe. He was wrong about a … Continue reading

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I’m Not Spinning –  Flat Earth People Music (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s funny how the idea of a flat earth has become a major point of contention, a stand against academia, experts and scientific thought. I’m not really sure where these particular Flat Earth People stand, whether they are for, against … Continue reading

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Black Mass – Collegians (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It always pays to know your place in musical history, knowing where you come from is just as important as knowing where you are going. It is something that Collegians seem to understand all too well as within the swirling … Continue reading

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Music For Granular Synthesizer – connect_icut (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Never judge a book by its cover but both the title of this album, the wordiness of the track names and even the name of the artist in all its lower case glory are clear sign posts that what follows … Continue reading

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Hostile  –  Lou Patty (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Rock music has a tough time in the modern age. Gone are the days when it was enough to kick out a heavy blues, three chord jam, the modern audience wants more musical bang for its buck. So whilst some … Continue reading

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A Tribute To The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds – YYY (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

Step into a swirling, warping re-imagining of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds constructed with analog synths, glitchy vocal effects, trip hop beats, and kitten samples… plentiful kitten samples. _____________________________________________________________ I was a tad apprehensive about listening to a full LP … Continue reading

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