F I S H B O W L / T E R R E S T R I A L – Alienbaby Collective (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Titles can tell you a lot about music. Not so much what that music might sound like but it does suggest something about the way the artist behind it thinks. Anyone who capitalises their title and introduces unnecessary spacing, writes track names in lowercasewithnospacing, removes vowels from a ttl or uses one title to reference... Continue Reading →

MRT – Jamit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pioneer Generation showed us just how uniquely Jamit thinks when it comes to modern dance music and MRT carries on down that same path, one that wanders well away from the mainstream and seems to travel parallel to film score, avant garde meanderings, video soundtrack and electronic experimentation. MRT could stand for a lot of... Continue Reading →

Una Volta –  Piles (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The most adventurous music takes you way beyond the usual concerns and questions normally found surrounding songs and hopefully makes you  debate what music is even about. Where do the boundaries between music and art, between the frivolous and the academic, between bold exploration and musical deconstruction actually lie? Like most creativity activities too, it... Continue Reading →

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