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The Nothing – The Last Dinosaur (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

This album was a mystery to me when I picked it up. There weren’t any identifying features to who created this album, no band name and no title (which might be different in the general release, I guess). The front … Continue reading

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Any Joy – Adam Scott Glasspool (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Modern technology has presented a lot of new sonic possibilities, even for the grassroots, jobbing musician. A guitar is no longer just a guitar, a voice more than a voice and I recall seeing Adam Scott Glasspool demonstrating this concept … Continue reading

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Odyssey – Diagonal People (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The choice of title for Diagonal People’s debut release seems quite resonant considering what is found within. Classical scholars will know The Odyssey as that meandering ten-year adventure which took its homeward bound hero through unexpected trials and tribulations. Readers … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CXIV : Heaven, Hold Me Down Here – Diagonal People

It may seem as if I am writing about a new Diagonal People song every week. I generally am, their rate of output is pretty impressive to say the least. And the fact that they come packaged as wonderfully weird … Continue reading

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Who Cares What The Laser Says? – White Wine (reviewed by Thomas Haynes)

White Wine’s new album ‘Who Cares What The Laser Says?’ is a twisted broken treat to listen to. Joe Haege’s antagonistic vocal delivery flashes over the synths and awkward beats and the lyrics are well written and delivered. His angst … Continue reading

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What The World Needs Now… – Public Image Limited (reviewed by Richie Rochdale)

Can’t speak for the rest of the world but, certainly, I need this new Public Image Limited album in my life RIGHT NOW! Rotten and co extend their Third Coming with some new product and, in a lot of ways, … Continue reading

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