WOMAD early bird tickets available today

WOMAD festival organisers are delighted to announce that Early Bird Tickets go on sale for the UK’s 37th edition of the World’s Festival on Wednesday 21 November at noon/12pm, from £155.

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5 Breaking Coachella Acts To Watch

UnknownOver the last twenty or so years, Coachella Festival has grown in both size and importance to become one of the must attend gatherings of the year. Born as the festival was from an act of outsider non-conformity (Pearl Jam trying to break Ticketmaster’s vice-like grip over live gigs) it seems only natural that we look not at those big names which drive the events annual success but at some of the smaller, breaking acts which ensure its longer term future. I’m sure Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Bon Iver will have enough column inches written about them, but what about those acts waiting in the wings?


Shannon and The Clams


Unknown-1.jpegShannon and The Clams are nothing less than the perfect festival experience. They look just like they sound, a mix of indie chic and 60’s sartorial elegance to match their garage psych doo-wop and punk Buddy Holly references. This is fun, audience participation music which mixes past and present to create timeless party music.


Their live shows are hailed as the best on the current circuit and built around a sound that is both truly unique and very influential on the independent scene which they call home. Forged in the house party and small clubs of their native California, this Oakland based band is a great flag bearer for the home states music scene.


So, if you like the idea of a early sixties prom band getting dosed with acid or Etta James leading The 13th Floor Elevators through The Shangri La’s back catalogue then this is the band for you.


Preservation Hall Jazz Band

preservation-hall_gainesville-observed.jpgAnd proving that Coachella isn’t just about big name indie rock stars, pop icons and celebrity DJ’s, Preservation Hall Jazz Band are, as the name suggests, a straight up classic New Orleans jazz band. Founded in the 60’s in the city’s French Quarter and with a rotating roster of musicians, they are a musical institution with the baton being handed down to new generations keen to preserve the unique New Orleans sound.

Recent years has seen them rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tom Waits, Dr. John and Pete Seeger and even play at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

In 2014 they closed the festival performing Wake Up with Arcade Fire but aside from the name-dropping and high profile gigs, if you want to hear the sound of La Nouvelle-Orléans in all it’s authentic glory, Preservation Hall Jazz Band are your one stop shop.



Show Me The Body

9_show_me_the_body_c_adam_kissick.jpgAlready being hailed as the most New York sounding band since The Strokes appeared on the scene 15 years ago, Show Me The Body are also a great example of the post-genre world. A blend of funk, art- punk, blues, rap, hardcore and Emily Dickinson, this is an intense experience of soul, spirit and aggression.


This Queens outfit embraces the chaos and veracity of their home city, even as the powers that be try to eradicate it; never has a sound felt so alive, never has a band been more relevant. This is the sound of The Big Apple with one almighty bite taken out of it.


Car Seat Headrest

 car-seat-headrest-central-presbyterian-03.jpgA mix of indie-rock vigor, pop sensibilities and proggy structures, Car Seat Headrest are a stand out band. The band has grown out of a Will Toledo solo project and evolved from lo-fi beginnings into full, widescreen indie, one not afraid to write long, mercurial and dynamically shifting songs and pepper them with wonderful pop highlights.


Three parts Pavement’s slacker grunge, two parts Beach Boy’s psychedelia, one part skittish post-punk and just a dash of urbane insolence; they are moody, introspective, melodic and structurally ambitious, this could indeed be the new face of rock.

Swet Shop Boys

 0008025823_10.jpgIn the hands of some this would be merely a celebrity vanity project but actor Riz Ahmed and rapper Heems bring something altogether more substantial to the table. London/New York underground rap exploring cultural and political themes all done with humour and subtlety, not to mention academic prowess. It isn’t often that The Iliad crops up in rap music!

Not only music full of very important messages, it is music that reflects the complexities and cross-cultural journeys people of our times.


ATP line up announced

ATPJehu2016VWSPLIT_A3The festival marks Drive Like Jehu’s first UK appearance since 1994, and brings together the holy triumvirate of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, and Rocket From The Crypt – performing together on one bill, under one roof, for the first (and probably only) time in the world.

ATP Festival has moved their exceptional April 22nd-24th Drive Like Jehu curated billing from Pontins in Prestatyn to the Victoria Warehouse, a unique and iconic space situated in the heart of Manchester. The new venue provides an innovative space which compliments the visceral energy of Drive Like Jehu and their hand selected line-up, and is ideally situated for ATP’s nationwide and international audience.

To accommodate the festival’s new city-based location, ATP will also be selling day tickets at £35 per person, with weekend tickets on sale at £100 per person. Tickets are available from the ATP website now at buytickets.at/atpticketstore/38349 or from Victoria Warehouse directly at http://www.skiddle.com/festivals/atp-fest-manc/.

James Cohen, Owner of Victoria Warehouse comments – “After a successful 4 years of running music events at Victoria Warehouse, we are very excited to be working alongside ATP Festival to bring you the venue’s first three day music festival this April. ATP join a list of ever increasing promoters such as Live Nation, BBC Radio 6 Music, Vevo, Cosmosis & more who are opting to work within our venue.

The beauty of the Victoria Warehouse is the flexibility of the space creating both intimate and expansive areas, which allow us to create an ideal setting for hosting indoor music festivals. The sheer raw industrial feel of the buildings which have kept many of its original features, mirrors ATP Festival’s ethos of originality and independence. We look to forward to hosting ATP’s debut event at our venue and building a long standing relationship which such an iconic brand.”

Don’t miss your chance to see an eclectic mix of a rare and exclusive appearance by San Francisco’s Flamin Groovies with original founder member Roy Loney, Omar Souleyman’s wild dance party, an uncompromising monstrous live set from METZ, the phenomenal El Vez experience, the reformation of The Monkeywrench, and the sensational Diamanda Galás all in one incredible venue.


A Music Festival Survival Guide (from The Ocelot July ’14)

Glastonbury_26522bSpork? Check. Digeridoo? Check. Canoe? Check. Yes, it’s festival season once more and here are a few useful tips to help you survive any eventuality that the hipster mating season can throw at you. The first obstacle is road congestion caused by all these migratory designer beards and their handlers, so if possible set off at least 5 days before the festival starts to ensure disappointment and similarly for a stress free return journey, head for home as soon as you hear the first band of the weekend announce “Hello Newport Pagnell” or which ever salubrious locale you find yourself in.


If, however, you decide to stay and watch some of the 200 acts appearing on the bill, remember that with careful planning you might get to see as many as eight of them over the weekend. Top billing may go to two of your favourite bands but obviously they will be appearing simultaneously at opposite ends of the festival. Promoters are just like that I’m afraid.


You should always get drunk before attempting to put your tent up, this will ensure a video of what follows will go viral on You Tube within a week and after all that’s the reason you go to festivals isn’t it? Be honest now.


If you find yourself taken short whilst deep in a sea of ironic knitwear and designer wellies and you don’t want to lose your space, just wee into a plastic pint cup and lob it in a majestic arc at the bassist, trying to inflict splash damage on as many Kings of Leon fans as you can along the way.


Festivals are expensive and alcohol inside the arena has a market value akin to platinum so why not build your own moonshine still and maybe make enough money to buy a plate of chick pea falafel and rice that has been boiled for three days.


And ladies, if the urge strikes you to climb on your boyfriends shoulders and “get them out” during Kasabians’ set, remember that your Dad, Mr Patel who runs the mini-mart and the sleazy curtain twitcher at number 7 will all be watching this via extended coverage on BBC3.


Have fun out there kiddies.

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